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Boo-Boo's Pups'


Boo-Boo has had an ultrasound, and though the vet did tell me she was in fact pregnant, when the ultrasound was completed, we determined that she is not pregnant, she just had a uterus infection that was causing her nipples to swell. Which is what prompted me to believe she was pregnant in the first place. She is on anti-biotics, and since I won't be having anymore babies from mine, I have plenty of room for new additions. I do love animals, more then most people. But, I will only be responsible for what I can give 100% too. Obviously, if Boo was pregnant, I wouldn't have any time, extra money or room, but that is not the case. I'd like to get a cat for my girlfriend, which is who I was planning on placing Winnie with. 1 animal named Whinnie is enough for 1 household. Our 18 or 19yr old cat "Scrapper" passed in his sleep a few months ago, and "Salem" our other cat is having a very hard time with it. I'm afraid he is getting to lonely, and we don't want to lose him too. Also, it will help her, since our St. Bernard is getting up there in age, and we just found out she has fluid around her heart & lungs and her days are numbered. I'm on this site to help unwanted animals, whether they come to live with me, or I find them loving homes. I have a list of animals I know people are looking for. Just last week, we spent all our time looking for a English Bull Terrier for my boss, which he picked up from a rescue in Michigan on Saturday. I find that everyone on this site, is concerned, but very quick to judge. They all post about unwanteds, lets rip strips off their backs for a change. If people don't want to place their animals with me, or a home I find, thats their choice. I just feel that no matter what I'm offering, someone has some judgement to pass against me. All this because I thought my PITBULL was pregnant. I'd also like to point out there were serious circumstances surrounding Boo's false pregnany, that I'm obviously not going to post on a public site for a bunch of strangers to read. Instead of trying to help me find homes for those pups, everyone was screaming, kill them, abort them. Well, things aren't always that easy or affordable!!
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