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Thanks for all the good advice

Hey-what a warm welcome-thanks a lot everyone! You all had some great thoughts on the subject and I most definately appreciate the input.
Anyways, just to answer a few questions. Meeko is a "He" and not a "she". I sometimes slip and call him her, because when we got Meeko we thought he was a girl and have only recently discovered our mistake. No matter-we love him just the same. Also-just a clarification-I did not rub her nose in the pee, I just held her nose to the spot-just above the spot, not actually in in, for a few seconds until I was sure she had caught the scent. I would never mistreat a cat in that way. In any case, that didn't work-it was just the urge to try to do something, anything, to discourage the behaviour, and shock I think. (And panic, I didn't want my husband to know )
And an update for you-I took your advice and bought another litterbox and put it on the other end of the house. I always keep the one she had clean, but you're right-cats do tend to like to be able to pee in at least two different areas. I have also put stickytape on the table ( bobby traps are great-they work when you're gone) And-this morning he peed right in front of my husband and now the secrets out . Oh well. I'll just snuggle with Meeko on the couch from now on. (He wasn't that mad-just grossed out, we own two feather duvet's and this one was his...) We also have made an appointment with the vet for Thurday afternoon, so I'll keep you updated.
Meeko has him wrapped around his little clawed toe, of course. My husband is at this moment dragging carpet and two by four's in from the shed to make him a "kitty gym". He's a carpenter, so I can't wait to see the finished product. So-thanks for all your help everyone!

Update: Meeko's appointment came and went, and he's in tip top shape and as healthy as ever. The vet did mention that he knew of a dog that would pee on feather duvet's all the time too, a strange coincidence?

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