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Wow, thank you so much for such a fast response. The lesions aren't that bad yet. The worst one is on her side, but it isn't pussing or anything. It's just a dry white patch. She has another small patch on her back and chest. Then there are two medium patches... one on her rear foot and another under her front leg (arm pit area). I've attached pictures.

I went to the pet store tonight and bought her some immune system vitamins. I think I have her on a pretty good food and she's been on it for about a year (small breed blue buffalo which is a natural food) however, I'm open to other suggestions. She doesn't like canidae and I can't find orijen in my area. I'm just trying to do the best for her and I've read that a quality food is essential in the treatment of mange.

Again, thank you sooo much for the help. It really means a lot! I'm stressing out!
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