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Thanks everyone

Originally Posted by lm9012 View Post
Thanks for the update Growler! Glad to see Duffy is doing so well and of course that she has adjusted so well to the fluid therapy. I've always found it is harder on us than them adjusting to poking them, etc. To this day I still cringe when I do it, but Albert just looks up at me with his big brown eyes like saying 'It's Ok mommy'. Actually the pic on my avatar above is him getting his fluids! probably can't see, but that's a big ol' lump of fluid behind his head! this is his typical stance, such a good boy just waiting's amazing how strong and resilient they are isn't it??

How are you getting the fluids? through the vets?

In case you didn't know, check around the local pharmacies and see if they carry the fluids and needles. You'd be so surprised at how much you can save by buying the case of fluids.

I used to get two bags of fluid, several needles and an IV drip tube for about $30 at the vets. Now I get a case of a dozen bags of Lactated Ringers (fluid) for around $24, a box of 100 18-g needles (Haveheard a lot about the Terumos' haven't tried them yet) for around $5, and the tubes run me around another $10.00!

I'm learning to always check with the local pharmacies for meds..especially nowadays that they have those $4 generics at Kmart, Walmart, and Target. Albert has some issues with his eye right now, and I saved over $50 buying his eyedrops and ointments at Costco. Even if the local pharmacies don't carry it, you can buy the stuff online too for cheaper. I always ask for a prescription instead of buying them at the vets.

I rather have my money towards making my baby happy and staying healthy so we can keep kicking CRF's butt!!
Again..congrats and best wishes!!
lm9012 Yeah I see Albert's fluid lump there - what a good boy staying for mum

They sure are strong, resilient & so very patient with the whole process too, just amazing

There is a local medical supply company in the next town over from me that does not sell to the public but supplies to doctors & physiotherapists, though they also have an over counter sales for CRF kitties So I get them cheaper than if I bought from the vets or the pharmacy. $5.15CDN per LRS bag, $2.45CDN per drip line and they deliver , last order was 10 bags & lines they didn't even charge for shipping which has been about $5CDN. The Terumo Ultra Thin Wall needles are great I'm using the 20g hardly feel the poke & the drip rate is minimally slower than the 18g regular needles. My vet was very happy that I found this company to get all the stuff cheaper .

for Albert's eye issues and of course for his Albert's continued great health - yes we sure are kicking CRF's butt
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