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Patience guys patience !

They're in the solarium now , Puce was meowing a lot , Coco is at the other end of the room on a window sill , the other dogs and cats were glued to the glass door looking at the newbies for a while. Nelly is eager to meet them , but she will have to wait.

I have this window that separates the sun room from the laundry room (I know , weird !) usually all open without windscreen , I left it open but put the screen back on. Puce is on one side , and Paddy on the other side , no growling no hissing. I knew these 2 would probably be good friends. But Puce does growl if Nelly is on the other side LOL. Puce is walking around exploring , jumped on my lap for some affection earlier. He's now sitting next to the computer screen , watching me type.

Pictures ........ tomorrow , it's too dark now. :sad:
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