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So it's been nearly 3 months since the last update, thought I'd mention how it's going.

Next vet appt & testing is for the end of the month, next IMS physio appt also for the end of the month. At the last IMS appt in mid Jan her physiotherapist said Duffy was doing really well, becoming less & less reactive, so we're stretching out appts to every 6 wks from every 4 weeks.

Overall she's been doing great still bright active and alert, I've discovered she prefers laying on my lap for the fluids & will stay still much longer/better that way. It's all become so routine for her

The addtion of the salmon oil has really improved her pooping & her coat is softer than before. Very very rarely does she have dry poop or any difficulty pooping now

She's eating great though I think a little tired of the lamb (lowest in phos so I probably tried to feed it too often ) so I've taken lamb off the menu for 2 weeks then will reintroduce it again & hopefully she appreciates having it back again by eating it with gusto

With the increase in fluids at the last appt (still @ 150ml every other day), her water drinking has decreased which shows the fluids working.

She's still getting all her supplements & taking them all with no problems, the cat who used to spit pills out is now the easiest cat in the world to pill

No vomiting except for the occasional small hairball - she is in winter coat shedding season now, so she gets combed before being Zoom Groom brushed which puts her on

The lady herself:
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