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Giant breeds are the only ones from everything that I have gathered after doing lots of research that do not get puppy food after 3-4 months of age. Smaller breeds need the puppy food and all the extra nutrients but with giant breeds it makes them grow to fast and their joints don't fuse properly and their bones are not dense enough to carry their weight (130 lbs to 230lbs)and this is how you end up with so many hip and knee and joint problems that and heredity. Smaller breeds do not grow as quickly so they should stay on puppy food tll a year old. The only breeds that I would say sort of fall in between these groups are GSD and other breeds known to have hip and joint problems. That is where I might stop puppy food at 6-7 months that is my opinion and I am not an expert by any means but these breeds I would speak to a reputable breeder about how long they have their pups on puppy food. Also lamb and rice is much more fattening then chicken and rice. I go through about 70 pounds a month.
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