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Dr. Lee,
Thank you so much for answering. Tests for liver functionality were done in the early fall and showed slight elevation of enzymes. Tests in October showed normal levels. Tests in January showed very elevated levels. Because this was all done in Cyprus, the numbers are different than in the US. Suffice it to say there were big jumps. IN early Jan a biopsy showed a mass in the liver. Yesterday morning she seemed out of it, sort of "drunk," but granted she now weighs just under 4 pounds and has lost A LOT of muscle mass. So my dad took her into the vet.

She is now on an IV but has not eaten for about 24 hours. She is not being given anything other than the IV. She will be waking up in a few hours and my dad will be visiting her (I'm in the US, but I assure you I am all studied up on her case). I sent him your suggestions about what to give her. A vet here in New York also recommended a daily dose of a steroid pill starting as soon as possible.

Yes, she has steadily lost weight over the past year, but it has not accelerated dramatically. More background:

Three years ago she began throwing up normal cat food occasionally. Born on the street, she always wolfed down food without chewing it thoroughly and overate. So the vet recommended draining the gravy from the food (whiskas). But she would still occasionally throw it up. So two years ago she was put on a food known as "Intestinal I/O" or something to that effect. Very occasionally she would throw it up, so we began mashing the food down. In the fall of 2008 she started throwing up pretty much daily. Once the liver enzyme tests were done in January, she went on a special food for liver function.

Let me just say that I do not have much faith in the vet she has been seeing. He never even thought to do an ultrasound until I and a vet in NY recommended it. He did an x-ray in the fall that showed a thickened stomach wall. A thickened intestinal wall was also viewed in the ultrasound, along with the liver mass. But no biopsy or aspiration has been done. This is all the information I have.

I really appreciate your help and will read this first thing in the morning (I'm on EST). Thank you.

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