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My cat does not PURR!!!

I brought Stinky home in December. Ater a few visits to the vet to treat his diarrhea, switching him from dry Friskies to Wellness wet, he has settled in to our house beautifully. He was a stud cat and has been fixed and is turning into a real sweetheart. He doesn't like to be picked up or sit on your lap but he is sleeping in the bed and enjoys his scratches. He can be very affectionate on his terms. One thing that I have noticed is that he does not purr! Never! Is that crazy? I know that some cats don't purr, but I have never come across this in all my years of being a cat owner. Do you think in time he will learn to purr? He's two years old. Does anyone else out there have a non-purring cat? I think it's so bizarre. I will ask my vet next time I talk to him but I'm sure it's nothing to be worried about, I'm just a bit puzzled.


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