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Originally Posted by bentleychloe503 View Post

I moved in with my friend who has a 9 year old Male Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens (fixed). I moved in with him about 3 months ago and all of the dogs got along great.

I know you arent going to want to hear this, but bringing in two un fixed dogs to a house with another dog, can cause major problems, like fights, or aggression.

About 2 1/2 weeks ago my female boston went into heat and her and my male boston mated. (not sure if she is pregnant yet, I will find out for sure in about a week at the vet.)

If she is not pregnant would you please please please get her fixed and ask your family members who are willing to take one of your dogs pups to adopt, it will be the best thing they can do, they will be saving so many lives!!

Well the other night, me and my roommate gave all 3 dogs a bath. After the bath when they were all dried off, my girl boston sniffs the male petit and just flips out and attacks him with all her might. She is biting him and wont let go and swaying her self all around while biting him. I pull her off and seperate the dogs...

aggression is more common among dogs that arent fixed ( even if one is ) .. this could be a big factor as to why she attacked him..
i would definately reccomend to keep the two dogs seperated for now, and get your two intact bostons fixed as soon as possible, it is adding to the shelters problems, regardless of whether or not they have homes, there are dogs that could be saved by your family members instead of taking in one from another litter that could have been avoided.
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