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Originally Posted by bentleychloe503 View Post
Because i wanted her to have puppies once. My family members are going to take in the puppies, so they already have safe nice homes to go to. After that they will get fixed....

but anyways, why are you asking a question to MY question? How annoying...if you arent here to read my question and answer it please dont respond at all... thanks.
bentleychloe, the majority of the members on this board are pro-animal welfare, and many are involved with, or at least understanding of, the rescue/shelter/overpopulation issue in North America.

With 3-5 million animals being euthanized for mostly unacceptable reasons, it's foreseeable that a post such as yours would receive the replies it did.

While I personally have no issue with the keeping of intact dogs, I do have an issue with backyard breeding. I, as have many others here, have dedicated most of my life to the rescue and protection of dogs who were created in just such a situation.

For example, you mentioned that your male was 9 months old. This is far too young to be tested for the majority of health issues that plague the breed, or to really get an idea even of the dog's mature temperament, let alone overall health.

The fact that you are breeding a dog who has shown an unstable temperament to a dog who isn't mature, taking into consideration that I'm willing to bet that neither of them have been properly health screened (or screened in any fashion - ie competition, conformation, obedience, agility, etc) is upsetting to many people, myself included.

Not only that, but a breeder of dogs should be experienced enough in all facets of dogs (health, genetics, behaviour, training, etc) to deal with such an issue without resorting to an online board for assistance. Responsible, reputable breeders spend years studying under mentors of their breed before even considering producing a litter of their own.

So if we seem a little unfriendly at first, it's simply our knee-jerk reaction to the subject matter of your post. In general, you will find that this board is extremely helpful - but in future, I would suggest you familiarize yourself with the forum rules and the overall tone of the members before posting on this topic again, that is, if you expect to get a different response than the one you did.

Also, there is no need to be rude to those who did respond.
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