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*Question about my Boston Terrer - HELP!*

Okay so here is the story.....

I have a 1 year 5 month Female Boston (not fixed) and a 9 month Male Boston (not fixed).

I moved in with my friend who has a 9 year old Male Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens (fixed). I moved in with him about 3 months ago and all of the dogs got along great.

About 2 1/2 weeks ago my female boston went into heat and her and my male boston mated. (not sure if she is pregnant yet, I will find out for sure in about a week at the vet.)

I took all 3 dogs to the dog park yesterday and my male boston and the male petit were having a great time, but my girl boston was just sticking by my side the whole time, wouldnt run around and acted like she wanted nothing to do with the other dogs.

Her attitude has changed towards a lot of things, this is why I am thinking she is pregnant. She sleeps a lot. Doesn't eat that much, and drinks a lot of water. She is more cuddly towards me, which before she was more independent.

Well the other night, me and my roommate gave all 3 dogs a bath. After the bath when they were all dried off, my girl boston sniffs the male petit and just flips out and attacks him with all her might. She is biting him and wont let go and swaying her self all around while biting him. I pull her off and seperate the dogs...

the male petit comes back out and everything is fine for a few hours. Then the male petit jumps off the bed to go get some water, comes back, my female boston stares at him for about 2 minutes then attacks him again.

I dont understand why she is doing this? Before the bath they were the best of she hates him. Is it because she is pregnant and she is just more aggressive? or is it because she doesnt recognize his scent from the bath? Or both things?

HELP please.
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