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12-year-old tabby with very high liver enzyme levels, at death's door

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum but really need some support during this tough time. My 12-year-old cat, who was a stray found on the streets of Cyprus, is seemingly at death's door. Her liver function is well below normal and an ultrasound showed a mass, though only a biopsy can confirm what is going on, and she is so thin that we haven't done this. For awhile, her liver enzyme functions were normal, but in January the tests showed large jumps in all enzyme levels.

For several months she has thrown up almost every day. She's now on a special diet for her liver, but is still throwing up, just not as much. While this seemed to suggest improvement, yesterday she looked increasingly morose and today had problems walking. She cried out a little and showed a lack of interest in food. She's been given two steroid appetite-stimulating injections over the past couple of months. They seemed to have helped, but the last one has since worn off.

She's now at the vet on an IV drip, which has made her more alert and comfortable. But this is pretty much the end for Tenga. I wanted to know whether anyone else has had similar experiences. Would surgery have helped her? Or is it better to let this take its course?

Part of my frustration is that she is in Cyprus. I don't doubt the vet's knowledge, but I wish this had all been apparent sooner. In blood tests, it just wasn't obvious what was going on. All we had to go on was the vomiting. The vet says he has not seen this kind of thing often. But he agreed that she has been steadily losing weight for as much as a year, maybe more. I myself have noticed her getting thinner for about 3 years.

Any last-minute suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Is there anything more we can do for her???

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