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My Boy BABY!

My kitty boy "Baby" has always been quite the talker. Yet every once in while he'll talk to the ceiling or a corner in the room and he is loud! I'm usally cuddling with him and get spooked because I don't know what he is looking at and cannot get his eyes to focus on something else. Tonight he acted as if he was following something into the bedroom as he again loudly meowed into the room, my husband and I were in the living room watching this. We do have a kitty girl "Beep" and he'll look and call out to her to play but she was also in the same room as we. Last night as my husband was in the bathroom Baby came in with his head down and planted it into my husband's legg. This is not like him a very social kitty even more than myself. He is always talking and his hed is held high. Perhaps a second or two after that the switch in the bathroom was trun down as were the lights, my husband called for me, as I saw this he told me he felt as if he had missed something pass by as he knelt down to pet "Baby".? The light switch was up then down and no one did this, perhaps Baby came to protect my husband as his behavior was very off? Any thing to say............very strange and more is happening!
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