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Large Breed Puppy or Not?

When we first got Phoebe at 10wks old, our vet told us to feed her large breed puppy food because she would likely be over 50lbs when full grown. Well, here we are at almost 8mths of age, and she seems to be stagnating at 40lbs (hasn't put on any weight over a month). Will she continue growing at this point? Should I take her off the large breed puppy formula now (Ouch! I just bought an x-tra large bag of the stuff!)? We were told she's a Shepherd (obviously not King Shepherd! LOL!), Collie (Border Collie, perhaps?), Husky, Golden cross. (Groan! I never worried about these things with our previous dog, because I didn't have this site to get me thinking about 'em! ).
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