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Thank you, all of you, so much. I have just made an appointment with an orthopedic specialist for one week from tomorrow, the 11th. I do feel relieved. There is much in your reply, Dr. Lee, that I did not know, and I'm grateful. Before Bridie's surgery a year ago, my vet recommended against the use of TPLO in general, (not just for my dog but for any dog.) saying that it had not proven to be any better than the external suture, so I didn't even consider it. Bridie weighs 66 pounds. The vet felt very confident in doing the ACL surgery, and did not suggest I see a specialist. I'm really fascinated by what you say about the one who routinely removes the meniscus on every ACL surgery! That seems kind of drastic -- but it certainly demonstrates that the meniscus CAN get damaged post ACL surgery. At any rate: I'm glad I'm going to see the specialist, and very grateful for everyone's support and encouragement in that direction. I was beginning to wonder whether I was being silly, worrying so much about my vet, a second surgery, meniscus removal etc. (I was unable to mention every single detail in my original post, but for a number of reasons over the months I have had less than full confidence in my vet's ability to see the whole picture, though I think she's a competent surgeon.) This way, when Bridie has surgery (which I'm pretty sure she will, of one kind or another) I will have peace of mind about what's being done. Thank you all!!! Julia
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