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Thanks guys!
yep, they are growing well, and yes chico, all the plants are real. And the fishies love them!
We will probably give some to our friends, but I suspect we will have to bring them to a fish store, because of the fact that the parents have since mated again..LOL...I am a back-yard fish breeder!
not funny at all, but I feel okay about it, because the store that we usually deal with, is very good, has excellent reputation, at least as far as I am concerned.
We never expected that, but since it is happening - we gotta take care of the babies!

Hazel, yes. ..We have now 4 aquariums up and running...1 is the main tank (40GAL) with the breedeing pair, a couple of bottom feeders to clean up and LOTSA one is also big tank, about 33 GAL, with all the other fish, that are very happy, because they were abused in the first tank, the Kribs are very territorial when breeding.
Third tank is a 5GAL, where we keep the babies when they are tiny, its really a nursery, with a couple of shrimp and a small algae eater, that does not attempt to snack at the babies...and Fourth tank s the 10 GAL that I have on my desk, where the babies are growing nicely...Then, they will go into the 2nd tank, the community one, so they can get introduced to being with other fish, and when they are old enough/big enough, we will then bring them in.
So instead fo having a baby, we are having fishies!
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