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Wow -- thank you, Chris and Kandy, especially for your point about how inflammation can make a joint seem more stable than it is. I didn't know that. I think the next step will be to see a specialist. There hasn't been an MRI yet. I will let you know how things develop -- I will be talking to the vet later today about a referral to a specialist not too far away. (not a teaching hospital, but they do have a good facility.) In the meantime, this morning Bridie's pain was bad enough that I would have taken her in today for surgery if I could have. I gave her a very small (25 mg.) dose of Tramadol to ease the pain. Your notes have reminded me that I do need to wait and be really sure about what's going on, before doing any surgery. I'm going nuts thinking about surgery. Seeing the specialist, and probably getting an MRI, will ease my doubts. The cost scares me, but the cost to Bridie would be unthinkable if she didn't get the right treatment... I'll keep you posted -- thanks again. Julia (jdlimabean)
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