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4 year old female German Sheppard lethargic, limping, whimpering and loosing hair

Hello, thanks for reading. I am trying to find out what is going on with my brother's dog. I've cut and pasted parts of his email below. Any ideas? Is it degenerative myelopathy? Poisoning? Tick bite? Thoughts on other possible causes? Homoepathic treatments or other treatment considerations?

Thank you so much!!

We are presently trying desperately with our vet to figure out what is wrong with Eden. Back in late Nov 08 she began to act lethargic and was increasingly less active. We took her to the vet and he indicated it was likely a pulled muscle but could also be the early stages of hip dysplaysia. He put her on glucosamine and off we went. By the end of December she was worse and was having trouble getting up, going up the stairs, refused to chase her ball... So back to the vet for x-rays on Jan 13 which showed that her lift hip is really good but her right is slightly loose. She is eating fine (solid gold, organic, EFAs) and has solid stools. Both the vet and the radiologist indicated that hip dysplasia was not apparent and did not explain the pain and discomfort she was feeling. Eden continued to not want to move and it seemed like her fur was falling out from just petting her plus she was dropping "butt chunks" of hair. The radiologist wanted further x-rays of the pelvis and of the spine. This was done this past Tuesday plus blood work. Still waiting for the x-ray analysis but the blood work showed low potassium levels. No indication of liver disease or diabetes. When we got Eden home from the vet however, she was even more lethargic and was walking funny - like her back right leg was asleep and she was stumbling, crossing her right below her. I showed the vet a video yesterday and he asked for a urine sample which he got today. When she went to sit down, it took her about 10 seconds and she whimpered the whole time. Whimpered when she struggled to get up too.

Dad thinks we may be dealing with Degenerative Myelopathy as a coworker of his mentioned the symptoms.

Vet hasn't weighed in yet with most recent x-rays.

If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts, please share. I know this is tearing my brother and his family apart.

Many thanks,

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