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Thanks for your replies.. the ACL surgery was the standard external suture type. (can't remember the exact term) I also am confused as to how a meniscus damage could occur after the surgery! -- that is one of my main questions, and the one that makes me feel a bit of doubt about the vet. She is not a board certified orthopedist, but she does all the orthopedic surgeries in the group practice she's part of.. Bridie had a second set of xrays and her leg manipulated under sedation a couple of months ago which verified that the original surgery is totally intact. Yes, she's been getting Glycoflex all year long, and a good diet -- and I've just begun trying a raw meat & bones diet for part of her food. She is in magnificent health overall, except for this leg thing. The months of recuperation were the standard gradual increasing length of leash walks -- no running, no jumping, etc. it's hard for me to remember exactly, but each time I took her for checkups they always commented how incredibly well she was doing. I think a visit to a specialist for a second opinion would probably be a good thing at this point. I admit I'm feeling more than a bit overwhelmed by this, which makes it hard to make decisions.
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