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I like the one I have for my little dog. it is a kind that just goesunder there two front legs and does up on their back, nothing is even close to his neck. forget what they are called but I found it here in one of our pet stores. most harnesses are the traditional, or the figure 8 kind, but if you look, maybe you can find it? it is really neat, there is a loop on each side, then after you put his front legs in, you put the two loops together over his back, and clip the leash through each of them.. I am sure that made NO sense.. sorry, hard to describe.. if you are interested let me know maybe I can take a picture...? I have a shih tzu cross, so I also am not interested in applying any force whatsoever to his neck.. your pup will thank you for your thoughtfulness! Personally I hope the other people in your class decide to bring a harness.. if that is what they feel comfortable with, then maybe the trainer needs to learn that is can be done well, and should not be forcing collars on people, it his his skills that should be helping people to train their dogs, not the equipment!
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