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"Extra" virgin

I would have to say, as I have been doing a TON of research on Coconut oil due to my own thyroid problem (and ran across this because my cats have ear mites and in my research had seen it could help), I would NOT trust any place that sells "Extra" Virgin Coconut Oil. The reason the authors of the books and articles I have read say that they would not trust these companies is because there is no such thing as EXTRA virgin C-nut Oil. There is only Virgin and non-virgin oil. So if they are selling you extra virgin, they are either charging you extra because they know you don't know the difference, or they don't know themselves, and therefore shouldn't be trusted.

Just though I would mention this as I kept seeing it refered to as extra virgin in the threads. Olive Oil can be extra virgin....coconut oil cannot.

That being said...have people had good experiences getting rid of feline ear mites with coconut oil?
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