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February 2009 Photo Challenge - Best friends

Best freidns sounds cool. maybe something like this?

What's on tap for this month? We did love/cuddly/kissy stuff last year Feb so.... ideas anyone?

LOL, I have no idea .....other than Valentines's Day and Groundhog Day, what else is February known for besides dirty snow and slush?

Feb birthstone is amethyst and the birth flower is the violet (and primrose) what about a pets w/something purple challenge

LOL.....there's a few members here that love that colour so will likely agree with you.

Or we could go with the zodiac signs.....

Any pets born:

January 20 - February 18 are Aquarius and therefore Water Bearers.

And, any born:

February 19 - March 20 are Pisces and therefore Fish Bearers.

or pets with their best friend? be it another animal or a stuffie?/toy?

oh oh melinda i like that idea

The best friends thing is a great idea,we'll see tons of cute pics

I like the best friends or the kissy smootchy idea as the 2 here like to kissy smootchy.

Best friends it is then - merging and changing thread title now.
many thanks everyone!

This First image is by MARTYnBENTLEY sorry I should have left this post unmerged but SOOO cute!
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