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I held her nose to both spots on the bed, long enough for her to catch her scent and know it was her pee, and said, "NO!" in a very firm voice
Do not ever do this. Kittens are not puppies, not that anyone should do this to a puppy either. If cats or kittens don't use the litterbox, there is a reason for it.

By doing this, you are just confusing and stressing this kitten, as it has no idea why you are doing this. Is it a male or female? You say male, then call it "she".....??

This baby is 8 weeks old. How many litterboxes do you have, and how far are they from your bed?

A little kitten can't hold it, and if she needs to go and the litterbox is not close by, then she goes where she is. Either keep her in one part of the house for now, or add more litterboxes so one is always nearby. You can eliminate the extra boxes when the kitten is a little older.

Do not do anything punitive or harsh to this kitten or you will create more problems. You see that by using a squirt bottle, all that is happening is that the kitten doesn't jump on the counter when you are around.

To keep her off the counters, do not leave food out and get some double sided sticky tape to put on the counter for now. If the counter itself is made unpleasant this way, the kitten will stop jumping up.
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