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Naughty kitten is peeing on my bed-HELP!!!

My 2 month old male kitten, Meeko, has peed on my bed, twice~ Once last night and once the night before. The worst part is, I just love white, and had to wash two completely different white duvet's-and she peed in two different spots on the bed. I love her dearly, but my husband would indefinately ban her from our room if he found out. (Yes, I admit, I am childishly hiding her little indiscretion from him for her sake-she loves to sleep with us and is usually a well behaved bed mate.)
I held her nose to both spots on the bed, long enough for her to catch her scent and know it was her pee, and said, "NO!" in a very firm voice. I am worried that might not be the answer. I am currently training her to stay off counters and such with a squirt bottle, which seems to be working (sort of). She just does it when I'm not around. How can I get her to stop peeing on my bed and jumping on the counters when I'm not around to catch her in the act and discourage her from doing it? (This is my first post, I just joined, so hi everyone...)

Help! Naughty kitten peeing when he should be sleeping!
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