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I'm a guest on this forum who came to discuss a point problem in health that my pet faced. I am admittedly not a regular or a long time lurker.

I found this thread on Google after many hours of searching and research to try and get to the bottom of my pet's illness. I spent lots of hours and money on my pet and his overall health. I was extremely worried for months on end as we went through this cycle. Luckily we stumbled upon a very simple solution that I am hoping to share with others.

By comparison, many owners here and elsewhere have euthanized their pets as a result of very similar conditions. Hopefully this will be prevented and owners will try this before spending lots of money or turning to euthanization. Hopefully cats lives will be spared. That's my entire goal with sharing this information.

At the same time, while I appreciate the attempt to help and the genuine love for animals in general, I'm not sure that I'm thrilled with the constant badgering regarding the cat food on the thread. People don't know the dynamics of my home as a whole or the dynamics of my two cats. The one who has had the issues is a relative hog while the other is nearly completely indifferent to food. Our experiments with wet food result in him scarfing every single bit of food down. The ONLY way to serve wet cat food effectively to these two cats is to completely separate them, separate the portions, isolate them and then try to coerce the one to eat. Otherwise, the choice is to borderline starve them and then do the above. Neither are a viable solution.

Also, it is implied that I'm providing inappropriate level of care for my pets. I think that even the most avid cat lover would be quite surprised at the amount of grooming, cleaning, dedandering, playing, training, affection, toys, nail clipping, etc. that are provided for these pets.

I'm saying this because while I appreciate all the help and support, I'm admittedly not as happy about what seems to be the pushing of an agenda by some. While I have not searched other threads to see if the posters do this in other threads, I would hope that's not the case. It's a quick way to drive away posters and risk not having solutions such as this posted.
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