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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Yay, that's so fantastic that your cat has made such a complete turn-around. You must be thrilled!

I too am happy you have found something that has made your kitty healthy and happy again

Just so you know, it is possible to leave canned food out for free-feeding, if that's your concern. If you're still determined to feed dry, it would at least be a good idea to feed wet for more than just "treats". Doesn't have to be scheduled meals, but at least a daily serving of canned with some extra water mixed in will truly benefit your cats. I realize the convenience of kibble is extremely appealing, but the price for that convenience could be your cat's long-term health.

Sugarcatmom is so right. Convenience is nice, but I also can tell you that cats who are transitioned from a dry diet to a canned usually become more active and happy. That is an indication to me that cats feed a kibble diet are chronically dehydrated possibly leading to kidney problems later in life.

While Evo is one of the better dry foods on the market, just a heads up that it's extremely high in calories. You might want to feed measured portions rather than a bottomless bowl, or you could end up with some very tubby kitties.
I hope you will reconsider wet food for your kitties. I leave canned food out for my cats all day while I am at work with no problems. Really opening a can of food is not much more work than measuring out some kibble.
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