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Yay, that's so fantastic that your cat has made such a complete turn-around. You must be thrilled!

Originally Posted by ryebread View Post
Some posters here expressed a concern with the food that we were feeding our cats. Give our lifestyle and the fact that our two cats have very different eating patterns and appetites, dried food with wet food as "treats" is really our only option.
Just so you know, it is possible to leave canned food out for free-feeding, if that's your concern. If you're still determined to feed dry, it would at least be a good idea to feed wet for more than just "treats". Doesn't have to be scheduled meals, but at least a daily serving of canned with some extra water mixed in will truly benefit your cats. I realize the convenience of kibble is extremely appealing, but the price for that convenience could be your cat's long-term health.

Originally Posted by ryebread View Post
We are in the process of switching them over to Innova's Evo line of dried cat food.
While Evo is one of the better dry foods on the market, just a heads up that it's extremely high in calories. You might want to feed measured portions rather than a bottomless bowl, or you could end up with some very tubby kitties.
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