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Exclamation Chronic Feline Diarrhea!

My cat took clindamycin in September for about a week and a half after having a tooth extracted and didn't experience side effects at the time he was taking it. Around mid December he started experiencing diarrhea 2-3 times a day and after eating. Recently, plus the diarrhea he has not been eating very much if anything at all but is drinking normally. He has been on medication for weeks to help stop the diarrhea but nothing really seems to be helping. He is taking 13 billion Acidophilus two to three times a day and 5 billion Acidophilus once a day. He was taking Duralactin L-Lysine twice a day for a short while since it appeared to be doing nothing. He is also taking 63 mg of Metronydazole twice a day and 1 mL of Proviable three times a day. All these medicines put together has brought the diarrhea down to maybe once a day but he is still not eating and is very thin and bony due to this. He drinks normally as I said before but I'm sure he is dehyrdrated. I believe this chronic diarrhea is caused by the clindamycin he took in September. One of the reasons I believe this is because diarrhea is a side-effect to this medication and affects humans the same way. He was eating Science Diet w/d formula food for a while but wasnít eating that more than he would eat anything else. He usually ate by-product-free, natural, organic canned food and dry food. He has been an outside cat for most of his life but always comes in when the weather is cold or hot. He has been in since the time he began having the chronic diarrhea. I believe he has pseudomembranous colitis which is due to a growth of bacteria in his intestines. The pseudomembranous colitis is the reason he was taking the Metronidazole. I considered giving him Mirtazapine which is a food stimulant but didnít administer it due to the fact that if he eats, he usually has diarrhea afterwards and if he ate a lot, he would probably just have the diarrhea which would rid him of the nutrients he ate; making the food stimulant basically pointless in this situation. My family and I have tried just about everything and every medication to try to stop the diarrhea and make him want to eat. The diarrhea has lessened but he still doesnít eat. He takes a few bites then turns away and it seems like heís not getting any better. Is there anything else we could do? Are we doing all the right things? Is there something else that might be causing the diarrhea and loss of appetite?

Your time and advice is greatly appreciated.
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