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For a dog with joint problems of any kind, the management of the condition includes keeping the weight at a healthy level, keeping the exercise at a consistent & moderate level and the use of nutriceuticals (g/c supplements, omega 3 supplements (fish oil), and anti-inflammatories when needed). I have a newfie girl with bone malformations, and my son has a male newfie with degenerative arthritis in his elbows, so I'm not unfamiliar with what it takes to manage these kinds of joint problems.

The only thing beneficial that is in the JD is the glucosamine & chondriton and the omega 3's. Looking at their nutrient listing (the website says they are 'average nutrient contents' - which logically indicates that the nutrient levels vary) this food is 51% carbs and only 20% protein. I can't even imagine trying to keep my newfie girl at a decent weight with that many carbs, even during the summer when she's more active! Guess that's why they had to add that 'extra ingredient' to keep them at a healthy weight.

The companies who manufacture poor quality kibble hope that pet owners don't take the time to learn what those ingredients are, that pet owners don't take the time to actually read an ingredient label - that pet owners rely on their advertising to make their decisions. Sadly, it seems to work. :sad: Most of the good folks here do take the time to learn and read - and that's why you won't find many people here saying that the JD is a good food.

While I've done tons of research on dog food, I always encourage people to do their own research. The best site I've found for explaining what the ingredients are, without making judgements on different brands of food, is this one:

Personally, I'd rather give my dog a g/c and omega 3 supplement and feed them a good, low carb food with appropriate protein levels rather than feed them junk to get the supplements. Just my .
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