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How to stop the nosebleeds?

Hello All, I have been a silent partner in this will all of you for a few weeks. Our 11 y.o. lab Bailey has all the signs that explained in this post, nosebleeds, lump on her nose, hard breathing and all the enthusiasm & energy of a 3 y.o. Ya gotta love labs.

We have been to our vet 3 times and nothing has been found on the nose/lump issue. A blood test has been done, as has an xray, nose scope and specimen of the fluid in the lump and besides high blood pressure, the tests have been inconclusive.

Baily was put on Prednisone & Enalapril, one is for the high blood pressure, I don't remember which. My vet is more concerned with kidney disease because of the high blood pressure than the nosebleeds. Well in the last few days, the nosebleeds have gotten worse, but I feel my vet has no idea how to stop them. Is there any idea how to stop them? I read in the last few pages that a cool compress on the head may help, but we have noticed that the nosebleeds get worse when we let her out, and it's pretty cold here in Mid Mich, so were not too sure that will work.

Has anyone had any luck keeping the nosebleeds from happening?

Thx all, and I feel for everyone of you and your pets...
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