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Thanks everybody.

Yes, my parents say that ALL the time, And i have never really understood it, until now.

LML- I love her very very very much. I speant 15 years of my life asking and begging until I was in tears to get a dog. My mom tells me she regrets not getting me one sooner. BUT, if i did get one sooner i wouldnt have my little girly now..

krdahmer- Thank you. Your comment about my hair is something that makes me happy to hear. A few years ago I was very sick and My hair was dry and britle. And it was falling out in clumps, to the point where i had bald patches. So, yes, its nice to hear that.

Although, Sometimes i do wish i could give it away Its very thick and it takes a long time to blowdry and straighten/curl

Again, Thanks to everybody for your lovely comments
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