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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Awww Erykah,you say "for sale"again:sad:does that mean she's had several owners ?
If nobody wants her,where does she go...I hate to think of it.
She wants to live out her life at your place,she told me.
Her and Fay are both Alberta bred horses they were shipped over here as filly's.
They then went to an auction where the guy that I got Fay from purchased them for brood mares, then I purchased Fay and they got Dakota.
If she doesn't sell, these people would keep her until they found a suitable home for her. These people have several "rescue" horses (from transport wreaks, auctions and so on)
I know she wants to live with us, I have been talking to Guy and he wants her to live with us too.... Its just a matter of working out a deal with the current owner.
They are all beautiful. Do they stable them at night?
All of them are stabled at night other than my 2, just because there are not enough stalls right now.
Mine have a lean to that they could go in if they need to.
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