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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Growler,it's great to see Duffy again,she looks really good,sooo pretty
She looks like a young healthy kitty,a real girlie kitty.
My 3 boys are saying,they need a girlie-kitty to take over the reign
Thanks Chico She certainly acts like a young healthy kitty, not so much on the girlie part though I think she thinks she's part dog - she grew up with dogs She would take over that's for sure!

Originally Posted by ancientgirl View Post
I just saw this. Duffy looks wonderful here. I love the close-up. What a beautiful girl she is. LOL, that bowl shot was cute too. Did she get some ice-cream?
Thanks AG Of course she did a let her have a few licks before having to put it out of sight & distract her w/something else
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