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Thanks, Wayne!

Originally Posted by K9Art View Post
Beautiful pack Hazel. I am very familiar with Setter antics! My father raised them in Michigan.
Our first Setter came from a kennel in longer in business... He was fast! Really knew how to turn on the afterburners on the homestretch!

Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
I just watched the short video of the pups playing and barking. I am such a mean mommy!! I picked Keesha up to see her reaction. She just sat on my knee listening. Sammy came over and kept checking Keesha to see what she was barking about. Poor Dayle was on top of my monitor but took off like a shot!! Guess she's not too impressed by doggies barking.
Poor Dayle! That's what impressed me so about Mr Kitty--up a tree with all 8 barking at him and he wasn't particularly upset by it. If it had been me, I would've been having kitty conniptions... *sigh* Still wish we could've kept him :sad:
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