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Science diet JD

I am not a big fan of Science diet but I have a german Shepherd that has had a severe limp since he was 4 months old at first They thought it was pano or elbow displasia after trying several X-rays, Vets, suppliment and foods nothing seemed to make a difference. now he is 2 and his last xrays showed he has digenerative bone disease in the knee joint of his left front leg. The vet said it will continue to get worse until he can't walk any more. I was so upset at only 2 years old he had already spent most of his life limping. Now I am told it will only get worse. As a last hope I reluctantly put him on SD JD I also had a Custom fitted leg brace made to help take to pressure off the joint. Well it has been 3 months now that he has been on JD and having him wear the brace 24/7. He now has NO limp at all and hasn't worn his brace in over a Month. I don't know if it was the brace or the food or the conbination of the two but my boy can run and play like a normal 2 year old. I would love to take him off the JD but I am so afraid that his limp will come back.
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