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Originally Posted by lUvMyLaB<3 View Post
*awe* wow so nice! I am a horse FREak also,, I have a quater horse arab mare, I had to sell two others cuz with three kids I didn't have the time they needed, she is boarded now, and my 9 yr old has a welsh'arab cross that she jumps with, and it lives at the lesson barn, I agree u must buy that paint!!! she wants you! *awe* do u ride english or western, what sports?
I ride "airmiles" style LOL, I'm not very good at all.
I did most of my riding back in highschool and prior to that. its been a good 12 years since I did any "real riding"
Back before highschool I did some barrels here and there, but that was when I was young and totally carefree!
Most of my riding has been western, I think I have rode english twice up until this summer.
I bought Beauty an English saddle ( just a cheap synthetic one) because thats the only one that would fit her properly and I was getting tired of returning saddles.
I'm not minding the English that much, actually I am finding myself preferring it.
I will be breaking Fay western to start though, younger unpredictable green horses and green riders.... well I would rather be well seated, I am still working on my seating for english riding.
Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyways. ~John Wayne
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