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Pics of the horses at their new temp home

After a really hard beginning of winter with the horses, we had no choice but to send them off for boarding.
Its weird not having them here, almost creepy. But they are SO happy at their new place especially now that they have been accepted into the herd.
They live with 17 other horses now and Fay even has an old friend there.
Turns out the black and white paint mix that I had decided on before Fay was purchased by this lady's daughter. Her name is Dakota. Her and Fay remember each other and she helped get my girls welcomed into the herd.

Here's part of the herd ( mine are in there somewhere at the back)

See, always together

Here is Dakota, she's up for sale again... its hard not to jump on it, shes such a beautiful horse. Expecting this spring with the same stud that Fay may be expecting with as well
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