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The only trouble I've ever had with them (them being Muttluks specifically) is when the dogs are running full force in really deep snow. Since I use them as much for road salt protection as for the cold, I just put them on for walks, not snow wrestling sessions.

The newer Muttluks are made with suede bottoms, instead of leather, presumably for better grip. This is the first pair I've gotten with the new soles though, so I don't know if it makes a difference yet.

Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
Pleeeeeze, pleeeeeze tell me that they have camoflauge coats to wear with them as well.
Do you want to know how embarrassing I am? Basil got the camo boots, Streets got black ones since his coat is red and black, where as Basil's is all black. Still with me here?

Anyways, on my way to work this morning I remembered that Basil does, in fact, have a camo jacket. He could go totally undercover, sniper style if he wanted, though I'm not sure I'm willing to be seen with him in that get up
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