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Blind pets

Thank you all, for the info and laughs. We have SO many toys on the floor that we humans have a hard time getting around! Good idea to put down rugs, etc., as we have mostly hardwood floors.

In regard to people who think you should put down blind or deaf animals, I think only some professional breeders do that when they first examine the litter, so they don't pass on any bad genetic traits. Anyone who has had an animal in the family and has adapted to a handicap is obviously not going to put the animal down solely because of that. Most people who say that have never had a pet! We had to put our 14-yr-old collie down this Sept. and deafness was only one of many, many ailments. It was SO hard, even knowing that she was miserable, I put it off for weeks.

Thanks again.
I love all these animal icons!
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