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Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
LOL.....I just played this one and Jasmine went running under the bed, Ziggy ran out of this room and Chase came running in to see what was going on.

Chase looked all around, behind the computer desk and under it as I kept replaying it and then he finally looked at the screen. Watched it for a few seconds then ran out to the living room window and back again.

Such a bright boy I have here.

Hazel, I have never knew you had videos posted on that site and now have it bookmarked for when I have more spare time.

What a hoot....I love watching them.
Dogs are such silly creatures Duffy loves watching videos on the laptop esp if they have The Pack in them or chirping birdies

All Hazels' videos are great there's one there where Lil Belle is teaching Brier about Toys And Lil Belle amusing herself Pack snow zoomies em
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