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Cody in the snow

Cody finally gets some photos taken of him I always find him harder to photograph because:
a) he's mostly black
b) he likes to bark at me when I have the camera
c) he seems to have a habit of making funny faces as soon as I click the shutter down.

He's a real ham, and I'm always glad when I get photographs of him that turn out for the most part. It's been so cold lately I haven't had a chance to take the camera outside... and there is also no sun coming through the cloudy sky which makes for a much harder time! I can't wait for spring at this point. I still find it hard for me to grip the truth that Cody is 8 years old now, as he sure doesn't act like an older dog. I was happy a few weeks ago when I brought him out to a petstore, people thought he was no older than 3 years

Cody says, "My ball, back off!"

Giving me one of his weird looks - puffy lips and all, lol

Cody with his Jolly Ball. He seriously glues himself to it when we go outside. I have to pry it away from him.

Now I have treats, so he finally comes over.

I love how the snow sticks to his fur, but Cody often doesn't feel the same way... especially when it sticks to his feet

Happy and warm inside once again
Cody - Australian Shepherd
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