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chinese dwarf hamsters

Hi, I am just wondering if any of you animal lovers have any chinese dwarf hamsters. We have now had three of them and i adore my little boys, we first bought odey and codey in november 2007, odey was white aith a faint brown stripe down his back and codey was brown with a stripe down his back. Sadly when me and my two children were cleaning them out on christmas eve 2008 so they were nice and clean for the hamster santa, codey had some sort of fit and died in my hand, i rang my husband in hysterics and crying my eyes out, so he came all the way from work and with a new chinese dwarf. When i saw the hamster i burst out crying again as it was the same colour as codey and had the exact same markings, so our new boy is now called nibbles and our lovely codey is buried in our back garden with his hamster brothers, womble,hammy and lily who were also our boys our little

In memory of my little baby cassyhoof who is greatly missed my little tinkerxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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