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Everyone should have at least one black cat

I've been feeding this sweet little black cat since the summer. He is very small, no more than a year old, your typical black boy, short-legged, a bit blocky, adorable. In November, I made him a cosy insulated shelter, which he has spent a lot of time in lately :sad, when he is not looking for a patch of winter sunshine to sit in.

He is timid but not unfriendly; I can briefly pick him up and give him a scratch behind the ears. Of course the food is always the object He would be easy to catch and believe me, I've thought of it many times. But there is no more space in my apartment, in fact I ran out about 5 cats ago.

At the end of February, I'm going away for two weeks and there is no-one in my neighbourhood whom I trust to feed him regularly (if they even agreed, another long-shot). I could board him at the vet's - where some of my other cats will be going - but when I return, his dilemma would be even more acute because I still wouldn't have room for him.

Does anyone have space for this guy? He's a great catch, young, not set in his ways like some of the old geezers I live with and seriously behind on his playtime. If he could just get a break.
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