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The first ingredient in this product is corn. The only meat protein source in this food is chicken by-product meal - which means it can contain whatever left over chicken parts are handy for that particular processing batch. It could be anything from beaks & feet to feathers.

If you are already giving a g/c supplement, and a fish oil supplement, then you've already eliminated the supposed benefits of feeding this particular food. I would caution you on the brand of supplements you are using though. Because supplements aren't regulated, they may not contain what they claim, or the strength may vary from batch to batch. For the g/c - there are studies that suggest that the addition of MSM and ASU's to the supplement increase the benefits of the supplement. In general, the cheaper the brand of supplement, the more likely it is to have questionable levels of what you are buying it for.

My newfie girl had to have knee surgery, and the ortho vet told me that she had to be put on a g/c supplement. They recommended Cosequin because its formulas have been independently tested on a frequent basis and found to contain what they claim. A short time after we started her on the Cosequin, I was doing research and found that the makers of Cosequin had developed a new product called Dasuquin. The Dasuquin comes in a form with MSM and another with MSM and ASU's.
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