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Originally Posted by Sowilu View Post
She will be traveling with a health certificate, she has good temperament might be a little weary of strangers but just give a treat and she loves you for ever. We have snow here (odd for NC) and I am not sure if my boss will be canceling his trip until next week. If he does I will post up here and hopefully we can have a better coordination. This came totally unexpected as I thought my boss SIL lived in Toronto not in Montreal and the adopter lives close to Toronto and not Montreal. I emailed JeannieV for the Montreal Kingston trip but I never got a reply from her. Hopefully though somebody can help out with Montreal Ottawa if my boss can't make it that far. This trip will be happening on the weekend. My boss will travel thursday night to new jersey and should probably reach Canada Friday?? don't know the distance. He has to be back home before Monday as he is going with his daughter who needs to go to school.
Generally, if you are going through NJ then you can come up through Buffalo Ny into Ontario and across to Montreal. Leastways, that's how we did it.... Just a thought.
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