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Originally Posted by Khari View Post
So, he hasn't urinated in 4 days? Is this normal? Let's hope the medication is helping

What new litter/litterbox? are you using? Why do you think no absorb will be better?
No, he's urinated..just in the box, like a good kitty boy should! And we praise praise praise when he can tell he's suspcious though..he's like ...well ya, so what?

I mentioned in my previous update that I was to collect a urine specimen with a no-absorb litter, specfically made for that purpose. I'll close him in a room tomorrow to help him along and so Scarlet doesn't use it.

The other litter is a lava rock formulated heavy absorb type that I reviewed and talked to the people at the pet store about. It has some really good reviews and I'm trying to see what type he likes...I have a few on the go, lol. Hope that clears it up Khari
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