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Update on Ford and Clomicalm

Okay, so its day 4 for Ford and his new medical regime. So far, I think Ford has been a little doe-eyed from the medication, he's not quite himself but today I think he's coming around. I was a bit worried that maybe the medication doped him out, but I wanted to wait as long as possible to ensure that the medication is working through his system instead of asking the vet to reevaulate the dosage - I know these things can take a little while to work.

But I have noticed positive changes already - such as he doesn't freak out when I walk by him. On the downside, he won't cuddle or come around for pets yet, but he could still be getting over the visit to the vet.

For the dietary changes, I'm still offering their traditional kibble but upping the wet food capacity. I've been reading lots about what is appropriate for cats, so finding a wet food choice may be difficult since we humans tend to attribute our needs to cats - such as fruits, veggies and other stuff we like and is healthy for us, but not necessary for cats who are obligatory meat eaters. So far, a raw meat diet looks like the best option but I don't think I could switch them just like that. Besides, I need to find somewhere that offers it and see if Ford and Scarlet like it. Baby steps.

The litter situation has been good too, the new litter is working very well so far and I praise Ford every time he uses it offering a few treats after he goes. So far no accidents, but the tinfoil and tarps will remain in place for a while, a few months at least.

Still waiting for the lab results on the blood, and i'm going to get the no-absorb litter this evening.

Thats all for now!
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