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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Awww Czari,I think she knows what a lucky little girl she is,she looks very contended and happy,adorable
Now little Kiska,looks like the little princess she is,boy,what a wonderful kitty-life.
I forgot,but how old does the vet think Czari is??
Chico, I'm just glad she's comfortable enough to know she can sleep in peace. And you should see her come running for treat time. I remember when she first started being out with the others, she had no idea what treats were. Now I jiggle the plastic treat holder and she comes running! I love that.

The first time I took her in, which was around December of 2007, the vet estimated her age to be around 3 or 4. So she's around 4 or 5 right now I'd say. I wish I knew for sure, but when people as I say she's about 4

And little princess, she's is that for sure!
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