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Originally Posted by growler View Post
another mid shake pic

So much fun playin' in the snow

Frostbite ouch! for quick healing fingers
i know he looks sooooo funny and goofy in them pics.
Thank you
Originally Posted by Mahealani770 View Post
Jag is just as gorgeous as I remember... you're so lucky!
Thanks Mahealani.i think we are all lucky to be owned by our pets.

Originally Posted by Tundra_Queen View Post
Such a cute puppy!

Sorry about your fingers, I hope they heal soon. You'll have to really watch them now as once frost bite they will get frost bite easier next time.
The one on my left hand is worst as it's the finger i cut the tendons and artery in back in 2004.i'm going to buy better gloves then i had on to help avoid it from happening again.thanks.
Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Sooooo Jag does stop running for a bit

Your poor fingers
Yep he does every now and then.inside he has really calmed down in the last year.Thank you.
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